What's In The Bag - February 5, 2016

Tomorrow I'm off for what was supposed to be my first milage run of the year. Of course, that was until Rene, over at Rene's Points, posted a few weeks ago about a run he was planning to MSY via SLC from JFK. Why settle for one run in a week when you could do two!?

The Route: I head west on Delta tomorrow (2/5/16), departing JFK for Seattle on an early 7AM flight. After a short layover, it's south to San Diego where I'll have six hours to tour the zoo and grab a quick bite (I'll eat outside for sure!). At 8PM, it's north to LAX, where my Medallion Upgrade already cleared, and then in the dark of night it's back to JFK on the red eye, where I should be landing right around 7:30AM. An easy day of running:

  • Total MQM: 6,446
  • Cost: $290
  • CPM: 4.5
  Like all great packers, I'm traveling with just a backpack tomorrow.

Like all great packers, I'm traveling with just a backpack tomorrow.

What's in the bag:

  • Despite the bounty of snacks available to me in the basket the FAs will bring me in Comfort Plus, one must always be prepared. That's why I'm traveling with a KIND Oats & Honey Square.
  • Never leave home without a pack of chewing gum or mints. Tomorrow, it's Extra Winterfresh, which I buy in bulk from Costco.
  • Ever the techie, I can't leave home without my lipstick (portable iPhone charger) or 4G hotspot. Having WiFi everywhere means I can work on the road during these weekday runs!
  • With loads to do before the weekend, my Macbook Air will be making the trip as well.
  • I've got my fingers crossed the sun will be shining in San Diego, so I'll bring my trust Warby Parker shades along for the trip (model: Haskell).
  • I'm old fashioned, so I still use a paper and pen. Moleskine notebook and Muji pen? Check and check.
  • It's going to be a LONG day, so for the sake of the society, I've got a deodorant stick and toothbrush/toothpaste in the bag as well. Thanks to the Hotel HD Palace in Taipei for the dental hygiene kit!
  • I just finished my last book (Mad as Hell, a story about the history of the movie Network, a personal favorite), so I've got two books in two for this journey:
    • Built to Sell: A business partner has long nagged me to read this, and it's a quick read, so I figure this will be done before I touch down in Seattle. The main idea? Design your business to be as attractive to potential buyers as possible Build a company that relies on your personal involvement as little as possible
    • How to Run the World: Parag Khanna is a new client, and I'm in the process of familiarizing myself with his past work. This, his second book, is another thoughtful look at the future of international relations.
  • Not pictured: cell phone, computer charger.

And with that, I'm off!