What is Two if by Air? Part 1

Jonathan (I call him Jon but this sets a formal, proper tone for my first post) and I have long thought about starting a blog/writing down our thoughts about travel and our adventures trekking around the globe. So for my first post I'd like to just give my own personal stance on what I see this blog becoming.

First off, I love travel. Anything and everything associated with it. Airports, airplanes, the happy feeling when booking a trip, the anxious night before a trip, the thrilling feeling of take-off, the excitement I get from looking out the window (which is why I always try for a window seat), the ride on the way to the airport...

Like Jon mentioned, this won't be the blog to get the best, latest, and greatest in points travel and fare sales. We're much more interested in the thrill of the adventure and the entirety of the process, from the initial planning stages all the way to arriving back home after a great trip. That is what we aim for -  to give people an idea of how we like to travel, tips about the places we visit, and opening up a dialogue to help/encourage people to get out there and explore this wonderful planet of ours.

As background on myself: I used to work for a major airline as a cross-trained ground agent. This means I was regularly working the ticket counter, the gate, and also marshaling planes and working baggage. After a delayed flight, you may have even yelled at me once! Currently, I'm a corporate travel agent, and very soon will be moving into our product division and becoming the regional product and hotel relationship manager for the Midwest (to include some southern cities and Miami, which I will definitely not complain about). I plan on giving my perspective on my business travel as well as personal.

Jon and I are very similar when it comes to how we travel and our general thoughts on the industry, which is why we like to go on trips together and eventually decided to start this blog. However, we do disagree on some things and that is a HUGE part of what we want this blog to be. We will always give our honest opinions and at times you will see us disagree on subjects. A big part of our philosophy will be to give our readers the blunt truth of what we believe, basically an "I calls em how's I sees 'em" approach. Something I'm very excited about is the prospect of answering reader questions on anything travel industry related. As I said above, I have both worked for an airline and a travel agency, and I think I have a unique perspective on many different topics. Please feel free to message us and I'll do my best to help with any questions you may have.

So, to finalize, thank you for reading our blog and we really appreciate the support. Our goal is to inspire our readers to travel and experience this world on their own terms. If you want to take a trip and have the money - book it. Of course, points and miles are absolutely wonderful and help millions of us achieve goals we never could on our own. You know what though? That doesn't mean you shouldn't take a trip because you don't have the points. I booked a trip to Denver for my best friends birthday in first class on Delta. Did I pay too much coming from New York? Yeah probably, considering the economy price and what I could have done with the extra money. But, it was for a very close friend and we had an awesome time (staff at the Westin Denver downtown were amazing!) so I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat. 
I hope this helps to understand how we

want this blog to move forward in the future and gives a background on how we are approaching this. Thank you again and remember, there's always more to see so keep looking ahead.